Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Day 2 -We made it to Phoenix!!

Greetings from the XMKiDS Traveling Roadshow! Wow. What a day we had yesterday! I hope you got to hear our big kickoff concert in Duarte, California! We had such a fun time with amazing performances from Paulie Litt, Laughing Pizza, Rhythm Child, Meredith Brooks, and a special performance from the Jonas Brothers! We danced, shimmied, and shaked..no shook our tailfeathers all afternoon long!

I have to say, that one of the biggest highlights of the day was getting to meet some really cool kids AND listeners! Amazing Aly the Expert and Ginger Girl drove 5 hours with their mom to make it to the concert, we also met Julius who is a HUGE XMK Animal Farm Fan, and we met a new friend named Devon (the girl) who was so much fun to dance around with! If you were listening, you might have heard 11-year-old Emily from Laughing Pizza, broadcasting with me LIVE on the air! Thanks for being such a great Co-Host Girlie Girl!

After the concert, we hopped on the bus and headed toward Phoenix, Arizona only to find out that our balloon bus had a big Freon problem that left us stranded at a bus fix-it place for about 4 hours! Just when I thought I was about to go CRAZY, the bus was fixed and we rolled on down the road! I was sleepy, so I got into one of the teeny tiny bunk beds and slept for the WHOLE 6 hour drive to Phoenix! The boys watched boy movies, ate junk food, and complained about the water I spilled all over the bus floor. OOPS!

Well, I'm really excited about tomorrow. We head out to our Wal-Mart appearance in Glendale, Arizona, and then we're off to Albuquerque, New Mexico! If you live anywhere in the area, we'd LOVE to meet you so stop on by! We've got fun XMKiDS stuff to give away, and all we ask is that you buy a Children's Miracle Network balloon for ONE DOLLAR! If you can't be there in person, you can listen to XMKiDS on your radio! We'll have snippets from today's visit to the Phoenix Children's hospital, bus drama, and chit chats with Meredith Brooks, Laughing Pizza, and Rhythm Child!

Well, I hear Kenny arguing with Dirk on the phone, so I better go make sure everything is okay. In the meantime, to find out if we're stopping in a town near you, visit www.xmradio.com/roadshow. Thanks for reading our BLoG! We'll be posting more soon...and pictures too!

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