Monday, May 7, 2007

5/3/2007 Leaving Phoenix, AZ

Mindy thinks she can out-run the Balloon Bus. I'm not sure why she thinks that but she's pretty-well convinced. I think it might have something to do with the "Breathmobile" -- They have a mobile Asthma Clinic here at the Phoenix Children's Hospital and it's almost as big as our bus. We wondered which one was faster, and Mindy started trash-talking - saying she could out-run them both... I think the home-sickness has gone to her head.

5/4/2007 The Balloon Bus -- from Albuquerque, New Mexico to Houston, Texas

I have never slept in a bus with a bed on it before. It was kinda cool, but also kinda weird. Our Bus Driver, Mr. Chris, drove 16 hours straight !! He only stopped ONCE. I don’t know how he did it. Didn’t he ever have to pee? I’d like to ask him, but I’m too embarrassed… I think he’d like to forget that night. I know it was a lot of work driving a bus that big for that long. When we got to Houston in the morning, my legs felt really rubbery. I kept feeling like the ground was moving for a while… but eventually it went away. By the way, the desert mountains are BEAUTIFUL. They turn blue at sunset (really). It looked like a movie.

The Texas Children’s Hospital was really amazing. They are great at treating kids with all kinds of illnesses, but they also have a lot of people and things dedicated to making kids feel better about being in the hospital. They have a game room, pool tables, video games – and a working radio station. I actually didn’t want to leave, but we had to go because Mr. Chris needed to nap – really, really badly.

5/5/2007 Houston Texas

What a great day… I was amazed at how many people drove a long way just to see us! The Balloon Bus welcomed a bunch of special guests including Corrina and her family who drove 5 hours just to say hi! It was very windy, and lots of stuff at our booth blew away. (I won’t be surprised if they’re still picking up XMKiDS stickers at Christmas.)

The show was very cool. 3 different acoustic sets – basically just three guys and their guitars – but man, could they play! Joe McDermott did a great set (I think the acoustic version of “Don’t Drop a Brick” was my favorite…), Lucas Miller was a lot of fun and his version of “Anaconda” (set to the tune of “La Bamba”) was perfect for Cinquo De Mayo. I saw some Moms in the audience dancing along. Our very own Robbie Schaefer came down out of his Real Tall Tree to perform (as well as host) the show, and he was awesome! Because he works with me, I sometimes forget how good he is as a musician and a performer. It’s cool to have friends with talent. I’m thinking of booking him for my 40th birthday… but I think that might freak out my neighbors.

The best moment for me was the sing-along at the end when Robbie, Joe and Lucas sang an impromptu version of “Wheels on the Bus” with all of the kids. It was pretty silly – especially when we started making up our own words.

Now, I get to go home and see my family -- which I'm excited about. Robbie and Jinx are off to rock Little Rock!

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